Beats & Samplepacks from Ushuaia Boys

Everybody know’s about my other Dance – Project “Ushuaia Boys”, what i have with my DJ & Producer Partner Mark Feesh. We are releasing electronic music and time ago we’ve got been requested to produce an own sample pack. And this was the kickstart to create own samples for me. Especially in the music what i personally love.

Few weeks ago i was on the way with a friend and he asked me the same: “Why don’t you produce other beats for other people?” And this is for me like a sign. I did not tell to my friend that someone has requested me to do an Sample Pack for other producers. But I thought ” Ok why not? We can try. I can try.” And i have to say i’m not well experienced in creating sample packs. I’m experienced in creating beats, producing music, but i never had produced Sounds for other musicians. And so i decided to watch some tutorials and start producing a full sample pack in Tech House Music. And that is what i’m actually doing now together with LIVE-STREAMS on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and all other platforms.

You should be curious what will happen to you. The package is currently in work, but it will be really awesome.


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