Gerry Verano started already with a tender age of 14 years to be interested in electronic music. He is a DJ & Producer. His productions and DJ-Sets gives to the audience a touch of summer freshness and party atmosphere. Ibiza is his energy and his spirit and gives him his inspirations to create new ideas in his tracks. Among his references including the legendary Fabric Club in London, the Henry Village in Tunisia, Club Bolero in Leobersdorf, the VIP Club in Linz, and much more.
In 2011, Gerry Verano played at the AntenneFM DanceNight every last Saturday for about half a year. Together with his former DJ colleague Van Da Muck, he created moods under the name spaceclubjunkies. At the end of 2011, both of them separated and took their own path. Gerry began to produce music for himself and collaborated with his friend Dj Electronic Boy.
In May 2012 Gerry signed his first real record deal with the German label B12 Records, where he met his current partner Mark Feesh. Both immediately discovered their love for music and founded the Ushuaia Boys project in December 2012. 2012 was also the year of upheaval. B12 Records closed its doors and the other artists were without labels. Together with Mark Feesh and Dany Sativa, Gerry decided to create their own record label, and on January 14, 2013, Digital Room Records was founded. Since then, Gerry has regularly released his own productions and those of Ushuaia Boys, which he produces together with Mark Feesh on this label.
In 2015 and 2016 Gerry Verano and Ushuaia Boys made the first TOP 100 placements in the Swiss Dance Charts, the Austrian and the German dance charts, with the singles “Sunset in Miami”, “Psycho”, “Summer”, “Sex on the Beach” & “18 years of Love”. Since then, Gerry Verano has become an integral part of the music scene.
In 2018, the US promoter Barbara Sobel became aware of Gerry Verano and with her help Gerry aroused international interest in his music. He produced together with his partner Mark Feesh the Ushuaia Boys remixes for well known artists like KC & The Sunshine Band, Tony Moran, Nile Rodgers & Rozalla which were released in 2019 on labels like Energise Records (UK) and ZYX Music.
At least since his (international) club hit “We Love House Music”, which he published together with Daniel Wilson in summer 2019, he is no longer a stranger to the international house scene.
The release “We Love House Music” came on “Beatport”, the largest download portal for electronic music, in the Tech-House Charts there, up to number 4. In the charts in Germany, the track came to number 10, and in the Switzerland reached 19th place. Austria also achieved a top 30 position in the DJ charts there.

In 2019 the single “Feelings” followed as Ushuaia Boys (together with his partner Mark Feesh) & DJ Daniel Wilson and this made it into the top 5 in the 44house charts in Germany. On “Beatport, the“ Feelings ”, in the minimal / deep tech charts there, reached number three.
2020 followed the next single “Mauritius” with DJ Daniel Wilson, which was also very high in the 44House charts in Germany. In the Austrian and Swiss dance charts, as well as in international charts such as Beatport and Traxsource, the single also achieved further top positions.

From 2010 – 2017, Gerry Verano was LIVE on Radio FRO in his program Club Ibiza and since 2015 he is also on his own radio station Digital Room Radio. From 2020-2021 Gerry Verano had his residency on the French web radio Radio Eibiza.

2021 Gerry Verano met Nat from CQ and since than he can be heard and watched weekly on the UK – based Radio Locked Down Radio weekly every saturday from 4-5pm UTC; 5-6pm UTC+1, which are promoted very well by Nat D from CQ Events & Festivals.

Referenzen / References:

Club Bolero Leobersdorf/AT
Henry Village Gammarth/TU
Club Evers Unterweitersdorf/AT
Pulse Club Perg/AT
Blauer Affe Gmunden/AT
Kreuzbeisl Wels/AT
Arabia Café Kufstein/AT
Club Downstairs Kufstein/AT
House-Industry Vol. II IBK/AT
Studio 21 Innsbruck/AT
Club Friedbergs Innsbruck/AT
Club Plan B Innsbruck/AT
Maier-Bar Tamsweg/AT
Club Project Imst/AT
Clubsoundz-Gasthouseparty Part II, IV & V
Lava-Lounge Linz/AT
V.I.P. Club Linz/AT
Five Nöstlbach/AT
Pub Malo Cortana Passage Wels/AT
Fabric London / UK (London Music Conference 2020)
and many more!


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